tooth extractions

tooth extractions

There are some situations where it may make sense to extract a tooth or teeth, including the following:

  • Patients who are suffering from very decayed, damaged, or broken teeth (in cases where those teeth aren’t good candidates for root canal therapy)
  • Patients with wisdom teeth that have emerged and are causing pain or misalignment
  • Candidates for dentures who have only a few remaining teeth (in cases where extractions would allow a full denture to be placed)
  • Children who have impacted teeth that are about to emerge out of alignment, or “baby teeth” that are blocking other permanent teeth from erupting

 Before recommending a tooth extraction, we will first perform a thorough examination and risk assessment, including the necessary X-rays. We will talk with you about the different treatment options available, including alternative ways to address your issue and secondary treatment options to pair with an extraction (such as an implant to replace the extracted tooth). Sometimes placing a bone graft at the time of extraction makes the site better for an implant.

When you decide to move forward with a tooth extraction, it’s normal to feel nervous about the procedure. Rest assured that we prioritize your comfort on the day of the extraction. Throughout the procedure, we’ll continue to check in with you to make sure you are comfortable and pain-free. We will go over post-extraction care with you so that you heal properly and as quickly as possible.

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