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“My visits to your office are always welcome relief from the stressful things in life! It’s like getting together with friends or family to solve a problem; it may take more than one meeting, but we are on “the road”! Love you all, Vicky”

– Vicky T.

“Thanks Dr. LeVos, You and your team are super professional, you definitely care about high standards and took the time to make my filling replacement perfect. The office manager is top notch, she is tech savvy, cordial, accommodating and organized. Also, Nicole, the dental hygienist, is thorough, efficient and friendly.”

– Jodi C.

“Years ago, I was smashed by a car while walking. Following a year of inpatient treatment, I squirmed through another year of root canals and restorations at the hand of a seemingly detached, Draconian Dentist. I decided I would never visit another Dentist ever again! Long story short, I have finally discovered the Gold Standard for Dental Medicine and I will never settle for less! LeVos Dentistry = State of the Art Facility & Technology, Innovative / Industry-Leading Expertise, Dedicated Staff, Patient-Centric Philosophy & INTEGRITY!”

 Tom C.

“Dr. LeVos is simply the best. Period. My wife and I have been patients of his for nine years, eight while living in Evergreen and continuing now that we live in Arvada. We wouldn’t think of looking for a new dentist.”

 Jim Z.

“Dr LeVos does an amazing job at making you feel safe and comfortable. He performs with integrity and I have had other dental professionals comment to me on the quality of his work. Highly recommend.”

– Karri B.

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