guided biofilm therapy (GBT)

Dr. LeVos has always made it a priority to stay at the forefront of research and advanced training in dentistry, and he is excited to offer Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) at LeVos Dentistry. With GBT, patients experience a new level of health with this game-changing technique that removes plaque, biofilm, stain, and preserves implants.

What is Biofilm?

Biofilms in the mouth are a complex arrangement of microorganisms, sometimes called plaque, that adhere to the teeth and even the tongue and gums. The biofilm in our mouths need to be disrupted and removed frequently (think brushing, flossing and professional hygiene). Otherwise they can become out of balance, causing inflammation, caries (tooth decay), and periodontal (gum) disease. Simply put, managing the biofilm is the key to controlling and preventing the most common dental diseases: cavities and bone loss.

Biofilms are not easy to remove. Studies show that hand instruments don’t do a good job at removing them. In the last half century there have been only slight changes to how we remove biofilm… until now.

What is GBT?

GBT is a leap forward and the most advanced method in removing biofilm. In traditional hygiene visits, hand instruments and ultrasonic scalers are used to scrape and mechanically remove biofilm and calculus followed with polishing paste. GBT is less invasive because it uses a fine therapeutic powder delivered with air and water through a special instrument. Hard deposits are removed with Piezon, a more comfortable ultrasonic technology. Much less hand scaling is required. Metal instruments and pastes can remove small amounts of tooth structure and scratch restorations made of porcelain and composite. GBT is gentle and safe for any type of dental restoration.

To thoroughly remove the biofilm, we have to be able to see it. GBT begins by using a diagnostic liquid that colors your biofilm so we can actually see it. Once visible, we look at it together and make recommendations for your home care. Our therapy is then guided by seeing the biofilm and removing it. We believe this method makes sense and is a better way to help you be healthy. Most importantly, you’ll notice a difference in how it feels. We think you will love how clean and smooth your teeth feel afterwards.

Highly Preventive

Science Supported

Minimally Invasive

Gentle & Comfortable

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