If you have missing teeth, you may experience difficulties when it comes to eating and speaking. Over time, you may also develop jawbone deterioration. Dentures and partial dentures are affordable options for replacing missing teeth in order to improve function and restore confidence in the appearance of your smile.

A partial denture, commonly referred to as simply a “partial,” consists of teeth and gum-colored acrylic on a metal frame with clasps. Partials are supported by other teeth and the soft tissue where teeth used to be. When implants are used for attachment, the partial can be made much smaller and more inconspicuous. Partial dentures must be removed for cleaning and while sleeping.

A denture is a prosthesis replacing a complete arch of teeth mounted on a gum-colored base. A denture is only a fraction as efficient at chewing as natural teeth, and Dr. LeVos understands there is an art to making comfortable and functional dentures. He strives to make dentures that look as natural as possible to give you back a glowing smile.

For people that have difficulty keeping a denture in place or do not want their jawbone to shrink, an implant-supported denture solves these problems. Chewing ability, teeth perception, and quality of life can dramatically improve with implant-supported dentures. Many people can continue to wear their existing denture with only slight modifications during the implant healing phase.

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