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 Dr. Ken LeVos


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It's time to experience a different kind of dentistry

Oftentimes when we think of dentistry, we think only of how it affects our smile or teeth and gums specifically. But in fact, dentistry affects our overall picture of health. A better bite ensures your teeth don’t wear prematurely, better gum health lowers your body’s overall inflammation, better restorations last longer and make for a more attractive smile, which in turn brings confidence and comfort. We are committed to helping our patients proactively maintain the wellness of their teeth and gums over a lifetime – not just when they have a cavity.

At LeVos Dentistry, our ultimate goal is to be a trusted partner in your journey toward better dental and physical wellness, and a beautiful smile. That means we evaluate a comprehensive view of your health to determine the best course of treatment and provide personalized solutions that ultimately last longer and are lower cost over a lifetime.  

It’s also why Dr. LeVos makes it his priority to stay at the forefront of research and training, enabling him to perform the right blend of science, skill and artistry required to ensure patient care and treatment outcomes are the highest quality possible. Dr. LeVos is a member of many esthetic and professional organizations and currently pursuing accreditation with the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. 

If you’re interested in experiencing a different kind of dentist, one who’s committed to a healthier, more beautiful you, give LeVos Dentistry a call today to schedule your appointment.


Risk Assesment

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Are you at risk for cavities? Dr. LeVos can asses your risk and recommend personalized prevention plans to keep you out of the dentist chair.


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Replace missing teeth & restore your oral health with implants. Dr. LeVos is a proud member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. 


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LeVos Dentistry can restore your smile and give you that natural smile you've always dreamed of no matter the current state of your teeth.